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Donating to West Michigan Lacrosse

Donating to West Michigan Lacrosse is easy to do.  Simply click the button below and you will be directed to a Paypal donation account set up for WMLAX.

Donating to West Michigan Lacrosse does more than just expand the game of lacrosse.  Donating to WMLAX, helps less fortunate familes and players enjoy the game of lacrosse.  Donating also helps WMLAX expand the reach of lacrosse in the community and inact changes in the community based around lacrosse.  Thru training of coaches, referees, and community members we not only can help direct the trajectory of the game, but help in the success of beginning programs, as well as help new programs begin.  Thus we help even more players and families get exposure to a game that can build strong responsible players that can also give back to the community.  Thus the full cycle of building players and community members, so that they in turn can pay it forward when it is their time to give back continues.  Giving is a great way to help the next generation build and get stronger.  Give it a try and know that you are giving to a cause that has purpose and direction in the community.

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West Michigan Lacrosse is a non-profit organization expanding the sport of lacrosse for all individuals.  West Michigan Lacrosse is dedicated to teaching the sport of lacrosse and the skills needed to be successful in both lacrosse and in society.  A multi-faceted coaching approach provides an inviting and fun atmosphere from our clinics, summer sessions, and our tournaments.  Kids of all ages, skill levels and kids from all areas across West Michigan are welcome.  Our coaching philosophy is heavy on skills & drills, with some game play thrown in.  We want everyone to play, and have opportunities for new players to blossom while learning the game.  Our advanced players fine tune their play with focused skills work, so they are ready to take the next level.  Our job is to make the game fun and exciting, while teaching the skills for lacrosse, and teaching your kids how to be good leaders on the field and in the community.